While there appears to be no express right of general application to ‘access cyberspace/the Internet’ stipulated in any of the major international human rights instruments,[210] it has been argued at the international level that such access is critical, particularly in terms of the right to freedom of expression, and in the redressing of structural disadvantage.

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Free broadband: internet access is now a human right, no

Is Internet Access A Human Right? The curious bit of his piece though, isn’t the claim that Internet Access is not a human right, but rather the exceptionally narrow portrayal of human rights from a legal and philosophical perspective. Should Free Internet Be a Basic Human Right? There's a Merten Reglitz, a philosopher and global ethics lecturer from the University of Birmingham in the UK says internet access should be established as a basic human right that everyone is entitled to.

It would then be true that information and indeed the Internet—the phenomenon as opposed to the Internet as an enabling tool towards other rights—should be a human right in and of itself. There is an unexplained inequality in commonly accepted formulations of human rights.

The Argument for Access to the Internet as a Human Right