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FSFS is the name of a Subversion filesystem implementation. The second lines keeps the UUID of the repository, for an easier transition (without --force-uuid switch, the working copy relocation will fail). Some links: Subversion admin - moving repository around; Moving a Subversion Repository … Renaming SVN repository project name - Stack Overflow Subversion repository data is wholly contained within the repository directory. As such, you can move a Subversion repository to some other location on disk, rename a repository, copy a repository, or delete a repository altogether using the tools provided by your operating system for manipulating directories. Rename is typical done on the same Free Subversion and Git Hosting - Subversion & Git hosting Subversion & Git hosting under one roof Whether you're switching to Git or using both CloudForge has you covered! TeamForge is now AVAILABLE on all CloudForge plans ⇢ Plan, Track, Collaborate & More. Version Control Hosting. Subversion (SVN) & Git hosting. Bug & Issue Tracking

JIRA and SVN Integration Tutorial

a subversion repository shared between many users with several Netbeans projects inside, and I wish to be able to ignore every warning about differences on directories like nbproject (these contain info on the local settings for each user, thus, being useless keep them on sync).

Secondly, Subversion wants to ensure that the updated working copy metadata jives with respect to the directory location inside the repository. Subversion won't let you accidentally relocate a working copy of a branch in your repository to the URL of a different branch in the same repository.

Subversion: Repository Has Not Been Enabled To Accept Subversion: Repository Has Not Been Enabled To Accept Revision Propchanges. Last night I set up Subversion on my main development machine, which is running Vista. To do this, I followed the steps outlined by Jeff Atwood on his Coding Horror blog.His article was very helpful – it allowed me to install Subversion rather painlessly, despite the few HTML glitches I encountered in his instructions.