Most carriers will allow you to send an anonymous text message to any phone number using your email account, so long as you use a throwaway account so it can't be linked back to you. As long as you know which carrier the person you're texting has, simply plug that person's phone number into one of the following templates to send an SMS or MMS

U can’t make ur phone number invisible on imo, it is the primary thing that u need to run imo. However if u want to use imo anonymously there are some other ways, the best solution according to me is that get an unknown number and register ur imo For whatever reason, it may be that you wish to make a call from your iPhone, but don’t wish to divulge your phone number. Some of you will surely be familiar with the steps involved in this process of obscuring your caller ID, but for those who aren’t, we’ve got a little step-by-step tutorial below. Jul 21, 2018 · The third method on how to hide your phone number requires the users to contact with their carrier. If the call hiding feature is activated through the carrier, it becomes a permanent thing and all the recipients will see your number as private. Aug 16, 2018 · How to Hide Alerts for a Text Message Conversation on an iPhone 7. The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 7 Plus in iOS 11.4.1. These steps will also work on other iPhone models using the same version of iOS. If you don’t see the Hide Alerts or Show Alerts button in the sections below, then you may be using an older version of iOS. Hide phone number for all calls on iPhone Settings → Phone → Show My Caller ID [deactivate] One of the methods could be to hide your phone number on iPhone generally, this means for every single call you make from your iPhone. If you want to do this, go to your “Settings”. Scroll down to “Phone” and click it.

You can restrict your caller ID so that your information (name and phone number) does not show up when you place phone calls. To restrict your information on a single call, add *67 before the number you are calling. To permanently restrict your caller ID information, please contact Customer Service via Chat or dial *2 from your handset.

Next, tap on the Contact that you want to Hide. 3. Tap and Hold on the Contacts Phone Number and then tap on Copy. Note: In this step we are trying to copy the Contacts phone number in order to paste it in the New Group. 4. Next, tap on Delete Contact to delete the Contact from your Default Contacts List on iPhone. 5. May 12, 2016 · RELATED: How to Transfer Contacts From an iPhone to Another Phone It would be nice if Apple would include a straightforward method to hide certain contacts from the address book, perhaps by simply adding a “Hidden” group that could be toggled on and off, but for now, you will simply have to implement the workarounds detailed in this article.

May 07, 2020 · When you make a call on your iPhone, Caller ID reveals your phone number to the person you're contacting. If you want to make a private call and block your caller ID from a recipient, you'll need to either enter a specific code before dialing a number or disable the Show Caller ID feature inside the Settings app.