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I have 2 WAN lines that connect to the Internet: one connects on ether1 interface, the other connect on ether2 interface, using a Mikrotik router. ether3 connects to LAN. Each line has Valid IP (static IP) and connect with PPPoE connection: WAN 1 has 217.219.xx.xx, connecting with pppoe1-WAN; WAN 2 has 89.165.xx.xx connecting with pppoe1-WAN2 If the gateway is unreachable in a simple route – the route will become inactive If one gateway is unreachable in an ECMP route, only the reachable gateways will be used in the Round Robin algorithm If Check-gateway option is enabled on one route it will affect all routes with that gateway. Central Control Route Reflector •BOGON Lists and other BGP Feeds •In some cases, we have a bit more CPU behind this. •We will setup CYMRU BOGON Peering with this router, then distribute the BOGON List with edge routers. •BOGON are prefixes that have not be officially assigned to anyone by a IANA or other Regional Authority. Step 3: Inbound Access List (PAT configuration only) Step 4:Validating Your Setup. Introduction. This document describes the configuration of MikroTik RB951 devices for use with 3CX and should be compatible with other devices in this series.

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Mikrotik RouterOS routing between subnets on local ports Site 1: Locally connected to port 1 with interface IP Site 2: Locally connected to port 2 with interface IP Port 3 is the internet. Master Ports none on all interfa How To Install Packages On Mikrotik Router Jan 27, 2018

Aug 26, 2018 · To configure source nat on Mikrotik using this method, user needs to build a manual/dynamic source address list, then use this address list to configure source NAT. See steps below. Building a manual source address list /IP firewall address-list. add address= list=internet_users. add address= list=internet

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