May 19, 2020

Apr 04, 2019 SOLVED: MacBook Pro suddenly dead and does not turn on When trying to attempt to boot it, press the trackpad. If it clicks, the MacBook is coming on (but is not displaying picture, chiming or another issue), if not, the MacBook is completely dead, which will be an issue with the logic board. How to Use OS X Boot Options to Troubleshoot Your Mac Start up your machine while holding down the Shift key to have OS X only load required kernel extensions and login items. It will disable all non system fonts, all startup items, and login items. How to Fix a Mac That Stalls on the Gray Screen at Startup Jul 09, 2020

Aug 26, 2019

How to diagnose a Mac that will not boot after updating - CNET If the system still does not boot after a PRAM or SMC reset, try booting the system into verbose mode, which will output exactly what the system is doing at each stage in the boot process.

Apr 30, 2020

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