Jan 13, 2010

Dubai is a world-class metropolitan epicenter for culture, tourism, business, and electronic entertainment. Major game publishers have yet to establish a significant presence in this iconic region, and we’re thrilled to have put our flag down with the help of talented and passionate Rioters. Garena Server: What Is It? | League Of Legends Official Amino By 2010, Garena launched a program called "Garena+" which is pretty much a Yahoo! Messenger for gaming. They had acquired big name online games that became popular in Asia, such as Heroes of Newerth, FIFA Online, Point Blank and especially League of Legends. Here's where I'll boil down the details. How it's different from Riot servers lol.Garena.com - Garena IP Location

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Is there a list of where the cities/states instead of the general location for League of Legends servers are located? Specifically, I'm looking for one on the east coast of the US. Since, even though I'm in NY, I still get 100-200 ping. Where is the LOL file? :: League of Legends (LoL) QnA on There is no "LOL" file. Its Lol.Launcher in the League of legends folder (usually within the RIOT games folder). For example when I made a batch file to launch my match recorder and LoL at same time, I directed the file to open "H:\Riot Games\League of Legends\lol.launcher.admin" The reason your League of Legends' ping is high: Comcast

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Are you a LOL enthusiast wanting to know the ping time for connecting to the LOL server nearest to you? Well, congratulations to you as you have just discovered the best resource for doing this. This tool shows you the game ping from your region. Not just that. You can also find the region with the lowest ping from your location. LOL Ping Test - GameServerPing.com