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Make sure the kids aren't looking at porn, and your employees aren't reading Facebook: here's how to block (and unblock) unwanted, adult or unsavoury websites on a Mac, covering Safari, Chrome Extended: How to Unblock Websites on Mac in Safari or Chrome? To unblock a website, you can remove it from the blacklist. Select the domain and click the minus icon. Alternatively, you can click the AppCrypt icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen and select Disable WebBlock. To disable WebBlock, you need to enter the correct password. Denying access to websites could be very annoying when you know that the site is safe to use. Sometimes, secure websites get blocked due to one or two inappropriate keyword. In that case, it becomes essential to unblock websites on Mac or any other devices. 5 Ways to Unblock Websites on Mac There are various ways to prevent this problem. Aug 07, 2019 · Open 1Focus and click the Websites tab. Under Blocked Websites at the top, click the plus button to add one. You can also add Exceptions on the bottom right if you like. Blocked websites with 1Focus on Mac. Next, set up a schedule for when and how long you want to block the websites. Click the Schedule tab at the top.

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Mar 26, 2019 · If you want to unblock the restrictions, you can choose to Allow unrestricted access to websites under the Parental Controls. Method 2 – Block sites using Hosts File. This is one of the popular methods to block websites on Mac. Hosts File provides IP addresses for websites. You just modify the IP addresses so that the site will not be Nov 02, 2019 · Download UPX Unblock Websites Proxy Browser for PC – MEmu Play. Another best android emulator specialized and designed for awesome Gaming experience is MEmu Play.If you want to play high-end games like PUBG, Battle field games, NFC, etc., Memu is the best choice for you. A more advanced option would be to configure the host file so that the system blocks connections to websites included in a 'black list'. In this article, we will cover all three methods to block and unblock websites on Mac computers. Table of Contents: Introduction; Set website restrictions via Parental Controls; Block websites by modifying

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