Jun 05, 2015

Faced with their "bizarre" code phrases, he would inject things like "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts." That's not the only sketch making fun of Spy Speak; there's also an extended exchange in another spoof with a trio of spies in Istanbul exchanging increasingly nonsensical code phrases, some with Accidental Innuendo. Famous example: Jan 17, 2008 · Like when people are talking in code over an unsecure network and such. But I want them to be funny. Like, "The albatross is massaging the porpuse with cheese." or "The sparrow has laid and egg." Quotes tagged as "code" Showing 1-30 of 95 “No, mademoiselle, I would not like to see the children's menu. I have no doubt that the children's menu itself tastes better than the meals on it. Code phrase generator. 17 posts But what I need is a generator that makes those old-fashioned code phrases, stuff like "The duck walks at midnight" or "The buffalo run at dawn". Nov 20, 2019 · Every spy has some cool secret code name that other spies can identify them by. "Zorro" and "Agent 007" are some of the iconic code names given to fictional secret agents. I'm sure you've wondered about what would yours be if you were a spy. End your curiosity here by taking this quiz to find out what would your secret spy code name be! I remember listening to Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama, both elitsts, talk before their constituents who were more like their speakers who were equally different from one another. Jan 13, 2019 · 007: The 15 Most Iconic James Bond Quotes James Bond has been around for decades, spanning several books and movies, but some of Bond's best lines came from Eon Productions' film series. By Christopher Fiduccia Jan 13, 2019

What are some funny greetings/catchphrases you've given your animals? Thanks to me, Merengue's greeting is now "Cool Hwip" (Gold star to whoever catches the reference). Alphonso said we needed a super secret spy code so I told him to say "Bond, James Bond" It was a much needed upgrade from "I'm bananas" Signature-----STILL looking for

Funny Code Words/Phrases/Language? What are some funny things to say? Like: The duck flies at midnight. Operation drown out the rat is a go. The hen is in the nest, i

Code phrases are often used in spy circles as a means of granting access and camouflaging sensitive names, targets, locations, and other information in dangerous circumstances. One type of code phrase, called a countersign, consists of a password and a response which often sound like non sequiturs to a casual listener but actually identify and

Let's be honest: Parents often have a hard time finishing a sentence when kids are around. So it makes sense that it's nearly impossible to