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Sep 13, 2019 America the Pariah - Truthdig Unfortunately, that which makes us exceptional is the dogged militarism that consistently brands the U.S. as an international pariah. Narendra Modi: from international pariah to G20's Nov 14, 2014 “Do you want Guyana to be a leader or a pariah State

Colin Powell calls Trump 'national disgrace' in hacked emails

Pariah | Definition of Pariah at Dictionary.com Pariah definition, an outcast. See more. The first records of pariah in English come from the early 1600s. It comes from paṟaiyan, a word that means “drummer” in Tamil (one of the many Indian languages spoken across the country).The Paraiyans were members of a group considered very low in the Indian caste system.They served as ceremonial drummers and later as laborers. Pariah - definition of pariah by The Free Dictionary

How the Taliban went from international pariah to U.S

Jun 24, 2020 China May Find Itself an International Pariah by the Time Mar 22, 2020 On road to becoming an international pariah Jul 13, 2020